MMP: Baptism by Fire, Battle of Kasserine, February 1943, Boardgame


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2nd game in the Battalion Combat (BCS) Series. Battalion level game of the German Kasserine offensive in Feb 1943. With relatively few units, short scenarios, and an often wild situation, this game offers a more accessible entry point to this game system. 3 1-map scenarios, campaign starts mid-way & end campaign, plus a full campaign (6 scenarios total). 2 maps, 560 counters. Dean Essig’17

Second game in the Battalion Combat (BCS) game series
Covers the German Kasserine Offensive in February 1943 in Tunisia, the last real hope of the Germans in northern Africa
Games uses relatively few units, sort scenarios, many 1-map scenarios, making it an excellent gateway to this game series
Includes 3 1-map scenarios, plus campaign games that start mid-way or most-way thru the battle, as well as the full campaign
2 maps, 560 counters, by a highly respected designer


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