HD-Mart Car Floor Mats Custom Fit for Tesla Model S 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 Full Black Rubber Auto Liners All Weather Protection Heavy Duty Odorless


Price: $46.98
(as of Jul 10,2021 06:10:52 UTC – Details)

1、Heavy Duty Rubber Material
This heavy rubber liners protects the interior of your vehicle. The product can be used in every season, heavy rubber material and deep surface lines can protect your car from rain, snow and mud. Mats has a strong adhesion, can be stable and not easy to shift.
2、Can Be Used In All Climates, Resistant To High Temperature And Low Temperature, Not Easy To Deform
The special material of heavy rubber structure makes this car floor mat easy to clean and easy to use. Because the structural molecules are stable and less affected by the external environment, the original shape can be kept unchanged for a long time.

For The Sake Of Health, It Is More Worthy Of Recommendation
The shortcoming of inferior mats is that the product surface is smooth, easy to interfere with the throttle and brake and clutch, there exists trouble of safety. Even the inferior product also has the peculiar smell, will also have the harm to the human body.
But our product carries on the thorough upgrade to the traditional material and the performance, the surface deepens the grain, increases the adhesion not easy to move the position, the good material does not emit the flavor, the car interior air is more fresh.

Custom Fit & Trimmable: Size design perfectly matches your beloved car; if you still need to change the size,can be trimmed with scissors to suit your vehicle which design with decorative line.
Easy To Clean & Durability Car Carpet: Clean the dirt and mud on the pad only by using a common hose; No maintenance required, the durability of floor mats itself can be maintained for a long time.
All-Season Protection Car Floor Liners: The product is made from high quality & odorless rubber and is designed to prevent the deformation of high temperature or low temperature and corrosion resistance, also will not bring the peculiar smell in the car, maintains the car environment air fresh.
Humanized design: The surface is like a Honeycomb pattern design, which can enhance the anti slip function, even able to effectively hold dust and liquid without falling to the bottom of the auto.
Strong Grip & Safety Upgrade: Strong adhesion, can be effectively fixed on the floor, the use of the process is not easy to shift, and more secure.


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